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We provide service to all of the components of a home energy system. While some homeowners may choose to tackle upgrading all the components at one time to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort as quickly as possible, others might choose to implement upgrades over a period of time.

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In order to determine which upgrades or replacements would give you the improvement in air quality, comfort and energy efficiency that you are looking for, we will need to do one of 3 inspections. For more information, visit our Inspections Page.



For most homeowners, insulation is “out of sight, out of mind”. But ignoring the insulation in your home is like ignoring the oil in your car – performance will inevitably suffer. Not only does insulation degrade over time, but the quality of today’s products has improved to the point where even a house that had insulation installed within the past 10 years would benefit from an upgrade.

For more information, visit our Insulation Page.



There are a number of factors that can impact the performance of your ducts. They degrade over time, become damaged or flattened. We frequently find loose connections or joints that have come apart. Ducts that are more than seven years old will probably need to be replaced. Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades are also experts at asbestos removal in homes that still have asbestos-containing ducts.

For more information, visit our Ducts Page.


Heating and Air Conditioning

It is not always necessary to replace a furnace or air conditioner to achieve a more comfortable environment in your home. Upgrading ducts and insulation can have a big impact on their own. However, when major mechanical systems such as these are not performing properly, or finally just get too old, it makes sense to upgrade to a high efficiency unit.

For more information, visit our Heating and Air Conditioning Page.


Attic and Crawlspace Solutions

We offer a variety of services for your attic and crawlspace that will improve your insulation, help you control mold and mildew, and even find someplace to put all those Christmas decorations.

For more information, visit our Attic and Crawlspace Page.



Original construction on homes is not always done with energy efficiency in mind. If you have recessed lighting in your home, you should be aware that "can" light fixtures leave large gaps in your attic’s insulation. The heat from incandescent lights has to vent somewhere, so it is either venting into your home or into your attic. Either way, it adds to the heat load of the house. We offer a number of solutions:

  • Install new, air tight cans
  • Install LED lighting with air tight cans
  • Install insulated can covers on top your existing cans

All of these solutions allow the cans to vent safely, but still allow us to surround them with insulation.


Ventilation Fans

That old bathroom fan is not only loud, it’s inefficient. Modern continuous ventilation fans are whisper quiet and continuously change out the air in your home, making it fresher and cleaner. You will never come home to a stuffy, musty smelling home again. And we offer customized solutions with ERV fans that allow you to address issues in specific rooms, like baby’s rooms and rooms where pets spend a lot of time.


Nest Thermostats

This goes way beyond programmable thermostats. Nest learns about your schedule and the temperature you like every time you use it. Within days, it auto-programs itself so you don’t have to think about it. Plus the Nest mobile app allows you to control the temperature in your home from miles away. This innovative thermostat can help you save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills.

Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrade is a Nest Certified Professional Installer.