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Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades on the jobComfort Advisors Energy Upgrades is a Southern California company specializing in making your home a more comfortable and enjoyable place to be. We do this by providing consistent heating and cooling levels, improved air quality, and increased energy efficiency.

The concept for Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades arose out of a need that we saw in our sister company, Comfort Advisors Heating and Air Conditioning, to really look at the heating and cooling performance of the whole house. Simply installing a new furnace or air conditioner is not always the answer. To get the most from your investment, to maximize the performance of those mechanical systems, you need to look at the entire system – attic and crawlspace insulation, ducts, air sealing foam, ventilation fans, lighting installations, and more.

We work with Southern California homeowners in Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties. We take a hands-on approach and provide oversight on every step of your upgrade.

Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades is a Participating Contractor in the Energy Upgrade California program.

Dan IgnosciDan Ignosci is the President of Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades. In less than two years, Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades has successfully built a company that provides comfort and air quality solutions to residential homeowners through the utilization of advanced home performance best practices.  

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) certifies Dan as a Building Analyst and Envelope Professional.  Prior to becoming a part of the Comfort Advisors team, Dan spent more than a decade in telecom sales and sales management.

Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades has a team of at least 15 people to draw from when working on your Southern California home performance energy upgrade.  As of June of 2013, we have successfully completed more than 80 upgrades.


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We are an Energy Upgrade California Participating Contractor.

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